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Welcome to the home of Spanish recipes! Are you looking Spanish food recipes that allow you to prepare your own traditional Spanish dishes at home without going to a typical Spanish food restaurant?

Spanish cuisine is fashionable, with many Spanish restaurants and chefs among the best rated in the world. But the huge international dimension of Spanish haute cuisine is no more than a reflection of the great acceptance that the world has for traditional Spanish food: paella, Spanish omelette, sangria, gazpacho, pie, donuts, etc.

Therefore in this section of our website, where for many years we’ve brought together some of the best Spanish and Mexican recipes as well as international recipes of all kinds, we wanted to gather the easy Spanish recipes that are most recognized abroad: recipes from Spain developed by Spaniards. Among them you’ll find from typical Spanish dishes to some of the best Spanish dessert recipes.

We hope you enjoy our authentic Spanish recipes, and don’t hesitate to consult our recipes in Spanish if the language isn’t a problem for you.

  • Paella

    Prepare yourself to know everything about la paella and to know the authentic Spanish paella recipe as it’s made in Spain!

  • Creme Brulee

    Few desserts are as delicious as crème brûleé. This is the easy crème brulée recipe you have to follow for this magnificent home dessert.

  • Sangría

    Everyone knows how to make Sangria, but you have to use the exact ingredients and follow all these tips to talk about the best Sangria recipe.

  • Empanadas

    Short-crust pastry stuffed with delicious chicken, beef, seafood ... Oh my God! If you want to enjoy your food, you have to try these delicious empanadas.

  • Churros

    Learn to make homemade churros following our original authentic Spanish recipe! A hot churro drenched in chocolate is a divine pleasure.

  • Gazpacho

    As Spaniards, we are proud to present for you the traditional gazpacho recipe and all these interesting stories about gazpacho.

  • Albóndigas Soup

    The authentic albondigas soup is a Spanish dish with a delicious Mexican version: the famous meatball soup. Do you want to know the recipe?

  • Buñuelos

    The buñuelos recipe comes from Spain, and has little to do with cinnamon tortillas. If you like Mexican donuts, then you’ll love Spanish buñuelos!

  • Migas

    Have you tried the Spanish migas with chorizo? It’s an easy and delicious recipe with which you can make using yesterday’s stale bread.

  • Tortilla Española

    Everyone wants to try it, everyone wants to know how it’s done. The tortilla española (Spanish omelet) is a delicious meal that you’ll learn to make with our authentic recipe.

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